“We are living in a time when men, impelled by mediocre and ferocious ideologies, have gotten into the habit of being ashamed of everything — ashamed of themselves, of being happy, of loving or creating.”
— Albert Camus - “The Artist as Witness of Freedom” (via fegegtas)

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“Hence love is based on a desire to live in anguish in the presence of an object of such high worth the the heart cannot bear to contemplate losing it. The fever of the senses is not a desire to die. Nor is love the desire to lose but the desire to live in fear of possible loss, with the beloved holding the lover on the very threshold of a swoon.”
— Georges Bataille’s Eroticism pg 241-242 (via erinltompkins)



Birds Everywhere (1963). Illustrations by Pierre Probst


Marcel Proust playing air-guitar with a tennis racket on the opening day of Wimbledon, 1892 (via)